About Jai Bharat Dreames


The MISSION of Jai Bharat Dreams is to bring a perceptible change in the present social set-up. It is an endeavor for a better tomorrow for all living being. Jai Bharat Dreams observe the (the world is one family). It strives for PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT. The over-all objective of the 
Jai Bharat Dreams is service to humanity while living one’s life. It attempts to arouse the social conscience of human beings and provide them with the opportunity to work with the people around the world, creatively and constructively.Objective of Jai Bharat Dreams

The main objective of Pahal is to serve the humanity while living one’s life. We focus on our fixed priorities. The top most being Health followed by education, environment and language. We provide an opportunity to the people to work for another’s life creatively and constructively. So the welfare of people is the main motive behind the organization.